Product Information

Don't take chances with you and your families health.

Medipura Hand Sanitiser kills 99.9% of germs instantly, without the need for water. Made with 99.9% Medical grade Alcohol and Glycerine. Alcohol based 99.9% (75% by volume). Use our hand sanitiser anytime, anywhere. While in the car, office, restuarants, traveling, at sports etc. Medi Pura Hand Sanitiser is enriched with glycerine and moisturises the skin, provides a pleasant feeling of freshness and cleanliness. Use as often as required.


  • Alcohol Base 99.9% (75% Volume)
  • Cleans and disinfects without the need of water

  • Protects and moisturises

  • Enriched with Glycerine

  • Fragrance free

  • Kills 99.9% of germs / bacteria
  • Manufactured in a ISO 9001 & GMP Approved Facility

Alcohol based Hand Sanitiser
Clinically clean your hands on the go with our alcohol based hand sanitiser.
Humans touch hundreds of surfaces every day, and viruses and bacteria can remain active on hard surfaces such as door handles for upto 48 hours.

Whilst frequently & thoroughly washing with soap and water remains the best defence against touch transmitted infections, carrying our alcohol based hand sanitiser with you for frequent cleaning between hand washes allows you to reduce the risk of transferring viruses to your face and into your body.
Our handy 50ml bottles are the perfect size to throw into your bags, the car glove box, or pocket.

How to use our Alcohol Hand Sanitiser
Squeeze some sanitiser into the palm of your hand and rub your hands together, being sure to cover your fingers thoroughly, as well as the backs of your hands and wrists. Allow any remaining hand sanitiser to evaporate. Do not inhale or consume the product.

Alcohol Hand Sanitiser and Safety
Fire risk - Highly flammable: Because Medipura Hand Sanitiser is made with 99.9% pure alcohol, it is highly flammable. Make sure you do not expose it to naked flames, hot surfaces or other sources of ignition.

Eye safety: This strength of alcohol can cause serious eye damage. Keep the bottle away from your eyes and do not wipe your eyes with recently sanitised hands. Should you get any sanitiser in your eye, flush the eye with water and seek immediate medical advice, seeing a doctor if necessary.

Inhalation and Ingestion: Do not inhale the vapour of the hand sanitiser. In the case of inhalation move into a well ventilated area and seek medical help if dizzy or drowsy. It is dangerous to ingest Medipura Hand Sanitiser. If this product is ingested seek immediate medical advice.

Use by Children: Alcohol hand sanitiser is not suitable for unsupervised use by children. Children using the product must be closely supervised by an adult.
Keep out of the reach of pets. Do not use this product on your pet.

Made in our ISO 9001 & GMP Accredited Facility