Hand Sanitiser In Northern Ireland

Here at Medi Pura, we provide hand sanitiser gel and antibacterial wipes in bulk and wholesale to Northern Ireland. As a trusted hand sanitiser manufacturer based in Northern Ireland, we can supply the best medical-quality hand sanitiser gel to customers, including businesses, schools and so on.

Containing at least 70% alcohol, our hand sanitisers are designed to kill 99.9% of bacteria, preventing the spread of germs. Any items containing less than this specified amount will not work as effectively, so it is important that you obtain the best hand sanitiser gel, which you can buy directly from our website. For wholesale customers looking for hand sanitisers and wipes in Norther Ireland, get in touch for more details.

In addition to hand sanitiser gels and wipes, we also supply medical face masks and full-face shields. Medical face masks can help to protect you from airborne particles such as bacteria, dust and other substances, made with 3-ply protection and elastic ear loops. Full-face shields are provided to give the option of covering both the face and eyes, which the user still remains visible, fixed with a soft elastic strap and foam headband for both comfort and durability.

From our website, Northern Ireland customers can find out more about hand sanitisers, including instructions for how to properly apply the gel to maximise its effect. In order to go about your daily life, hand sanitiser allows people to keep hands clean and clear of bacteria anytime, wherever you are. Enriched with glycerine, it also moistens the skin so your hands can avoid becoming too dry however frequently it is used.