Hand Sanitiser

At Medi-Pura, we specialise in supplying hand sanitiser products, which is our focus today. We supply hand sanitiser in a range of different sizes, as gels as well as in a range of sizes, also including dispenser units and stations, as well as special business bundles. All our hand sanitiser is medically approved to kill 99.9% of germs, made from a volume of 80% alcohol. We also combine our product with glycerine, which makes sure the hands don’t dry out and are instead enriched with moisture yet still fragrance-free. Our formula is approved by the WHO (World Health Organisation). Read on to find out more details about our varieties of hand sanitiser.


50ml Hand Sanitisers


Our range of 50ml bottles of alcohol hand sanitiser are sold for £1.49 per bottle, with great savings to be made when bought in bulk. Their small size is designed for you to take everywhere you go, easily slipping into your bag or pocket. They are available in quantities from as small as one bottle to as great as 1000.


200ml Hand Sanitiser Sprays


Our alcohol hand sanitiser spray is available to buy in 200ml bottles. As well as being suitable for use on your hands, its spray function means that it is great as a surface cleaner, able to quickly disinfect any area without the need for water. You can buy as little as one bottle, up to 50 bottles.


500ml Gel Sanitisers


Our alcohol gel hand sanitisers are available in 500ml bottles, which are ideal to keep on the surface of a desk, so that anyone in the area can use the pump bottle to regularly keep their hands germ-free. This is great for welcome desks in particular, where people may be entering after being on public transport. These 500ml bottles are supplied in quantities up to 20 bottles.


5 Litre Hand Sanitisers


Our bottles of 5-litre hand sanitisers are used in a variety of spaces, including the car, office spaces, restaurants, when travelling, at sports events and more. These are design for when topping up dispenser units or sanitiser stations. They are supplied either as alcohol sanitiser liquid or hand gel, in quantities up to 20 bottles, with the option to also include a dispenser pump for access directly from the bottle.


Sanitiser Dispensers


We have a variety of options when it comes to our range of sanitiser dispensers, including manual hand dispensers, automatic dispensers and foot dispensers. Manual hand dispensers are the most affordable option, but automatic ones have the benefit of not having to physically touch the unit, which is accessed by multiple people. They can also display instructions for how to use the unit to avoid any confusion.


Hand Sanitiser Business Bundles


Our hand sanitiser business bundles include a 200ml spray and 5 litre refill as standard, wit the option to increase the quantity up to 100 spray bottles of 200ml, and 20 bottles of the 5-litre refills. Buying in bulk allows your business to make great savings on these essential items.


Contact Us


To find out more information about our range of hand sanitiser products or any other aspects of our business, please get in touch through our contact page, or email us at sales@medipura.co.uk. You can call us on either on our UK number using 028 7141 4646 or the Republic of Ireland number on 048 7141 4646. A member of our team will be happy to help by answering any queries you may have for us.