Benefits of Having a Hand Sanitiser Station for Your Business

Sanitisers are essential to everyone now more than ever. It's handy for offices to install a hand sanitiser station to ensure that all workers keep their hands' clean while on the work premises.

Aside from keeping the hands clean by getting rid of the germs before they can spread or wreak havoc on your health, sanitisers also moisturize the hands. While it offers many benefits and helps minimise health risks, many people tend to forget to use it, especially when they only keep them in a bag or hidden on the desk.

With an accessible hand sanitiser station in the work area, you and your employees won't have any reason to forget to put it on anymore. Why is it essential to have a hand sanitiser station in the workplace?

Here's a look at the top benefits of having these stations installed in the office:

Easy to Maintain and Operate

These sanitiser stations are made of durable materials intended for long-term use. They don't require maintenance. You only need to check its contents and refill it whenever needed.

Good Hygiene in the Workplace

You never know who is at the door and what kind of germs they are carrying with them. Some germs are very contagious, and anyone can easily pick them up and spread the virus without them knowing. It may lead to sicknesses, which may affect productivity in the workplace due to a lack of workforce and slow progression of work.

Practical and Cost-Saving

Budget-wise, you can avoid spillage and wasted hand sanitiser with a hand sanitiser station. This is because each station releases the same amount of liquid at each use. Additionally, you will only have a one-time spend for the stations you get because they are refillable. You won't have to get a new one monthly or quarterly.

Visible and Accessible to Your Staff

Employees are often the first to arrive and the last to leave the workplace. They use the restroom a lot, and their hands constantly touch numerous surfaces. Some of them don't even wash their hands properly.

This could be because they are busy rushing to get to their desk. This is why a hand sanitiser should be visible and accessible to them. Place the sanitiser dispenser anywhere they can easily see and use it whenever needed.

Where You Should Place the Hand Sanitiser?

The proper placement is crucial in having these sanitiser stations in the office. Here are some areas where you need to have them installed:

  • Inside the elevator
  • Pantry or kitchen
  • By the bathroom
  • Outside each office room
  • In conference rooms

More Productive Work Environment

You never know when a virus will present itself. When people are in close contact settings like the office, it is imperative to keep yourself and everyone around you as healthy as possible. If not, many would fall sick or catch a severe infection.

This will cause unwanted absences, missed projects, and poor productivity overall. Managers are responsible for making sure that all employees are healthy and working at their best. Many organizations provide hand sanitisers for their employees, but a visible and accessible hand sanitiser station is more practical and leaves no room for poor sanitation.

For your sanitiser station needs, you may want to look into your options from the available products from Medi-Pura. All these come with easy-to-understand directions on how to use them, so nobody will have a reason for skipping hand sanitation.


In today's workplace, hand sanitisers are just as important as paper towels and toilet paper. Flu, colds, and other viruses are spreading like wildfire, and hand sanitisers can help in stopping them from causing sicknesses.

We're here to help you with your sanitiser station needs. With Medi -Pura, you are assured of high-quality products that will last for a long time. Visit our website to find out more about our services.