All About Our White Label Hand Sanitiser

There has never been a more important time to encourage colleagues, customers, and the general public to practice good personal hygiene while on your premises.  With public awareness of communicable diseases at an all-time high, providing hand sanitisation stations and products is a way to fulfil your obligations regarding anti-infection measures, and to demonstrate your commitment to protecting all who visit your shop, office, or other site.

For businesses in search of hand sanitising stations and white label hand sanitiser, Northern Ireland based Medi-Pura have the answer.  Hand sanitiser gel, along with accessories such as containers, dispensers and refills, are our core products.  Our medical-quality product measures up to all the latest requirements for a cleaning agent which will protect users from the viruses which cause various illnesses.  When you are in the market for white label hand sanitiser, Ireland may not be the first region which springs to mind.  However at Medipura, our UK ISO 9001 clean room labs are more than up to the task of producing chemical cleaners which will stop infections in their tracks.  Our product is 80% alcohol, well above the 60% minimum requirement for this type of product.  We also wish to help our customers distribute and dispense the cleaning agent in the most effective ways.

To this end, we can provide sanitiser dispenser stands and wall mounted sanitisation stations, which will remind colleagues and customers alike of their duty to protect those around them from infection.  For use outside of shops, and in areas such as receptions and waiting rooms, our touch-free dispenser stands are battery operated, and designed to resist the effect of weather or tampering.  This means they can be set up outside, to be used before personnel even enter your premises.  Wall mounted dispensers are available in manual and automatic versions, and come with a backboard bearing instructional graphics, to help the uninitiated to use the apparatus.

Any company can provide a store-bought bottle of sanitiser for customers and staff to use, but on its own, this can appear to be no more than an afterthought.  Carefully positioned sanitiser stations, however, speak well of your business as they make it obvious that thought and care have gone into providing these facilities.  Another way to demonstrate your attention to detail is with the personalised hand sanitiser Northern Ireland suppliers can provide.  We can put your company name and logo on containers of our white label hand sanitiser for business use, and also on the dispensers described above.  By offering their customers and associates personalised hand sanitiser Uk retailers, as well as other businesses and organisations, show that they are taking a personal interest in the wellbeing of everyone concerned.

Thanks to our supplies of white label hand sanitiser Uk organisations can effectively operate their own brand of the cleaning agent, complete with dispensers, refills, and other ancillaries.  To learn more about ordering bespoke supplies of personalised hand sanitiser Ireland and UK based customers can contact Medipura online.