All About Our Range of Face Masks

At Medi-Pura, we specialise in supplying hand sanitiser products, as well as dispenser units, and PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) such as gloves, wipes, face masks and face shields to customers in Northern Ireland, Ireland & the UK. Today we’re going to focus our attention on our range of available face masks, which includes both disposable face masks and KN95 face masks. We will cover these items, as well as the difference between face masks and face coverings. Read on to find out more.


The Difference Between Face Masks and Face Coverings


For many, the term ‘face mask’ has become ubiquitous as a new everyday item. Less associated now with the beauty industry, a face mask is a type of PPE, and whilst comparing these to ‘face coverings’, it’s important to note that the latter option is not classed as PPE. This is because there is no need to conform to a manufacturing standard and aside from the COVID-19 pandemic, they do not provide protection from other work risks such as dust and spray. The types of face masks sold at Medi-Pura are designed for medical settings in order to limit the spread of infection. However, they are not considered to be PPE when worn outside of healthcare activities. Unlike face coverings, face masks are manufactured to a recognised standard and are also resistant to droplets of fluids and splashes. 


Disposable Face Masks at Medi-Pura


Our disposable face masks consist of a 3-ply protective material, fitted with two elastic loops, which are designed for the user to place behind the ears. They are made to fit comfortably, with an adjustable nose pin. Our disposable masks are able to protect the face from airborne particles, including bacteria and dust. They are supplied in packs as small as five, to as many as 10,000 face masks for bulk purchases.


KN95 Face Masks at Medi-Pura


Our KN95 face masks are also a kind of disposable sterile face mask. These consist of five layers of fabric, able to block substances from entering the respiratory system through the nose and mouth. They offer increased protection due to the effectiveness of the five-layer filtration system. For these reasons, they are more expensive than the regular disposable face masks, and supplied both individually and in bulk up to quantities of 500 face masks.


Removing All Disposable Face Masks


When removing a face mask, avoid touching the front of the face covering, as well as the parts that have been in contact with your mouth and nose; try to use the ear loops to take it off. Once removed, dispose it in a residual waste bin, or the assigned bin at your place of work. Any surfaces that the face mask has touched should be cleaned, and, as always, wash your hands for 20-seconds after disposal.


Contact Us


For more information about our medical face masks or any other products in Northern Ireland, Ireland & the UK, please get in touch through our contact page, or email us at Neither of the face masks we have for sale have VAT, so this is removed from the total at the checkout. You can call us on either on our UK number using 028 7141 4646 or the Republic of Ireland number on 048 7141 4646. A member of our team will be glad to help by answering any queries you may have for us.