About Wholesale Hand Sanitiser

Here at Medi-Pura, we specialise in supplying hand sanitiser products, as well as dispenser units, and PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) such as gloves, wipes, face masks and face shields. Today we are going to focus on our provision of wholesale hand sanitiser, which is supplied from our base in Northern Ireland.

Our hand gel is 80% alcohol and capable of killing 99.9% of viruses and germs. The minimum recommended alcohol content of hand gel is 70%, so you users are as protected as possible with this medical-grade gel, which is manufactured to WHO-approved standards. Read on to find out about our range of wholesale sanitiser dispenser units. 

Manual and Automatic Hand Sanitiser Dispensers 

We offer a choice between both manual and automatic liquid dispensers. Our manual dispensers are available for £19.99 and have a capacity of 800ml, whilst our automatic touch-free dispensers are available for £29.99 and hold up to 700ml.

There is also a wall-mounted option for each unit, which costs £34.99 for the manual version and £49.99 for the automatic one. Our automatic gel dispensers use sensors to dispense the sanitiser gel when someone’s hand is placed underneath the unit, which is operated by four AA batteries. Each unit can be refilled with our 1 litre bottles of sanitiser, and boast an ant-vandal lock and key system and information graphics. 

Foot Pedal Hand Sanitiser Dispensers 

We also supply manual dispenser units that are hands free due to the use of a foot pedal.  These stands work by dispensing the gel when someone steps onto the foot-shaped push pedal. This free-standing unit also comes with a pre-mounted graphic and costs £39.99.  We also offer a 1-litre version, which has a simple and sleek black design, and is available for £49.99. 

Freestanding Hand Sanitiser Dispenser Stands 

Our freestanding hand sanitiser dispenser stands are ideal for both building entry points and around the premises. It is available with our 700ml automatic hand sanitiser dispenser, made of heavy steel, powder-coated for longevity, with pre-mounted graphics. The whole package is available for £149.99. The foot-pedal version has a massive 7-litre capacity and its stainless-steel properties make it weather proof, and is available for £199.99. 

Contact Us 

To discover more about our wholesale hand sanitiser or bulk buy any other products, please get in touch through our contact page, or email us at sales@medipura.co.uk. You can call us on either on our UK number using 028 7141 4646 or the Republic of Ireland number on 048 7141 4646. A member of our team will be pleased to assist you with any questions you may have for us.