About Our Hand Sanitiser Gel

At Medi-Pura, we specialise in supplying hand sanitiser products, which is our focus today. We supply hand sanitiser in a range of different sizes, as gels as well as in a range of sizes, also including dispenser units and stations, as well as special business bundles.

We guarantee that the gel we supply is medically approved to kill 99.9% of germs, which is approved by WHO (World Health Organisation) and the made from a high volume of 80% alcohol. We also combine our product with glycerine, which adds moisture to the user’s skin to prevent it from drying out. Read on to find out more details about hand sanitiser gel and the varieties we have available. 

What is Hand Sanitiser Gel? 

As stated, our hand sanitiser gel is made from 80% alcohol. In general, it should be made from at least 70% alcohol to be effective as sanitiser. The remaining gel contains a mixture of water and other elements. Water acts as a carrier for the ingredients, which may include emollients to protect the skin from drying, and elements such as polyacrylate work to make a gel with water, with the base neutralising the polyacrylate’s acidic effects.

Whilst our hand sanitiser is fragrance-free, you can also include different fragrances and colours. The gel works to kill microbial cells, and applying it regularly between washing hands when access is more readily available really helps to kill germs. 

Hand Sanitisers Options at Medi-Pura 

Here at Medi-Pura, we are able to provide a wide range of options when it comes to hand sanitiser gel on a wholesale scale. Our 50ml bottles of alcohol hand sanitiser are sold for £1.49 per bottle, designed for people to use on the go, fitting easily into a bag or pocket. Our alcohol hand sanitiser spray is available to buy in 200ml bottles, which can be used on hands as well as for use as a surface cleaner.

Our alcohol gel hand sanitisers are available in 500ml bottles, which are perfect for keeping on the surface of a desk, so that anyone in the area can use the pump bottle to keep their hands germ-free. The 5-litre hand sanitisers are used in a variety of areas and are designed for topping up dispenser units or sanitiser stations. We have a range of options when it comes to sanitiser dispensers, including manual hand dispensers, automatic dispensers and foot dispensers.

These can also display instructions for how to use the unit to help users. Lastly, we can also offer hand sanitiser business bundles, which includes a 200ml spray and 5 litre refill as standard, with the option to increase the quantity up to 100 spray bottles of 200ml, and 20 bottles of the 5-litre refills. You can buy all these wholesale items in bulk in order to make great savings on these essential items. 

Contact Us 

To find out more information about our range of hand sanitiser products or any other aspects of our business, please get in touch through our contact page, or email us at sales@medipura.co.uk.

You can call us on either on our UK number using 028 7141 4646 or the Republic of Ireland number on 048 7141 4646. A member of our team will be happy to help by answering any queries you may have for us.